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 REPORT #380
The North American Market for SPECT and PET Radiopharmaceuticals
New! Released in January 2015!
 REPORT #370
The Market for PET Radiopharmaceuticals
& PET Imaging
Released in April 2014!
 REPORT #350
The Market for Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
 REPORT #290
The U.S. Market for Brachytherapy Products
 REPORT #260
The U.S. Market for Medical Imaging Contrast Media
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PET and SPECT Markets to top $6 billion by 2021
New Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals Drive Market Growth Worldwide
New Radiopharmaceuticals Will Drive Future Growth of PET
New Technology Spurs Investment in Brachytherapy
Rising Demand for PET Despite Reimbursement Pressure
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BIO-TECH SYSTEMS, INC., founded in 1980, specializes in market research and strategic planning, where technological and scientific insight is important. This focuses on emerging technologies where it is necessary to make accurate forecasts of future market demand and communicate effectively with many levels of management and end-users. One objective is to assess technological risk and target new products and services effectively in order to generate the best market response. Bio-Tech has an extensive group of clients with interests in medical imaging, radiopharmaceuticals and radiotherapy products.

Bio-Tech focuses in five product areas with comprehensive reports that analyze market opportunities in each segment. The product areas include Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals, PET radiopharmaceuticals and PET imaging, Medical Imaging Contrast Media, Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy products, and Brachytherapy products.

The methodology utilized has been developed over 20 years in this field focusing on both researchers and clinicians in these fields as well as knowledgeable industry sources. This provides insight with respect to market trends as well as new technology entering the pipeline. Bio Tech also benefits from its large internal database that is regularly updated. As a result, the companyís forecasts are both conservative and realistic and can be used with confidence in market planning and evaluation of new business opportunities.

The company's founder, Marvin Burns, has been active in the medical industry and hospital community for over 20 years and has prepared numerous market research reports that have been widely distributed. The reports have served as a platform for assessing new ventures and business opportunities across a broad spectrum of products. Burns has also served as a consultant to many of the major pharmaceutical and medical imaging companies and venture groups in evaluating new product and market opportunities.

BIO-TECH SYSTEMS has recently released the following market research reports.
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Report #380: The North American Market for SPECT & PET Radiopharmaceuticals
Report #370: The Market for PET Radiopharmaceuticals & PET Imaging
Report #350: The Market for Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
Report #290: The U.S. Market for Brachytherapy Products
Report #260: The U.S. Market for Medical Imaging Contrast Media


Report #380: THE NORTH AMERICAN MARKET FOR SPECT & PET RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS provides a comprehensive analysis of the markets for SPECT and PET radiopharmaceuticals. This includes new molecular imaging agents for cardiology, oncology and neurology. It also analyzes the emerging markets for imaging Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. PET cardiology will also benefit by an influx of new products for imaging myocardial perfusion and viability allowing more effective treatment. In addition, rubidium procedures will increase with the introduction of a new generator in 2015. New products are also in the pipeline for both SPECT and PET for imaging prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer and renal cancer. This will be supplemented by new technologies for imaging angiogenesis and apoptosis at the cellular level increasing the sensitivity of diagnosis. This will encourage more investment from biopharmaceutical companies and venture groups that will enhance future market growth.


Report #370: THE MARKET FOR PET RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS & PET IMAGING analyzes the markets for PET radiopharmaceuticals and PET imaging. This includes growth in cardiology, neurology and oncology as new products are introduced for imaging cardiac perfusion, myocardial viability and vulnerable plaque as well as congestive heart failure. Approval of new agents for imaging Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases will also create new markets for a broad class of imaging products. New oncology products are also emerging increasing the sensitivity of PET and expanding imaging opportunities. The report also analyzes the U.S. and worldwide markets for PET scanners indicating the positive market response to the new PET-MR systems and expanded opportunities in time-of-flight imaging as well as increased choice for users of lower priced systems with good imaging capabilities. This has successfully expanded the base of PET, offering a greater range of products. It has also increased the international market for PET both in major medical centers as well as developing countries around the world.


Report #350: THE MARKET FOR THERAPEUTIC RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS analyzes the market for therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and shows the growth that will occur from new products in late stage development. There has been a major increase in research activity to develop new radiotherapeutic products for treating critical metastatic cancers not effectively managed with conventional therapies. New technology permits the destruction of diseased cells while protecting healthy cells. This is accomplished with more advanced targeting using antibodies and peptides that are linked to therapeutic isotopes optimized for each application. There are 19 radiotherapy products that are either approved or in development. Many of the research products are being financed by international companies with significant resources and commitment to the success of these ventures. This shows confidence in the clinical potentials of these products and the intention to develop a commercial platform that will sustain continued growth both in the U.S. and internationally. As these products are introduced, it will encourage further investment and accelerate introduction of new products in the pipeline.


Report #290: THE U.S. MARKET FOR BRACHYTHERAPY PRODUCTS provides a comprehensive analysis of the markets for brachytherapy products. The report discuss the prospects for prostate seed implants and the effect of competing modalities, the rapidly growing market for partial breast irradiation devices and gynecological brachytherapy, new markets for electronic brachytherapy using miniaturized x-ray technology, sales growth for irradiated microspheres for liver cancer and the large emerging brachytherapy market for treating macular degeneration. The report also examines the continuing prospects for endovascular brachytherapy, the market for brain cancer brachytherapy and other post-surgical applications amenable to brachytherapy. The report considers the trade-offs between LDR (low dose rate) and HDR (high dose rate) brachytherapy, the integration of brachytherapy with other treatment modalities and the increasing number of options available to both clinicians and patients as new technology enters the mainstream. Many new brachytherapy products have been introduced recently with rapid growth in procedure volume. There are also new products on the threshold, with introduction scheduled in the near future. This will stimulate further growth and encourage wider acceptance of brachytherapy with improved outcomes for many patients.


Report #260: THE U.S. MARKET FOR MEDICAL IMAGING CONTRAST MEDIA provides a comprehensive analysis of the markets for medical imaging contrast media in all modalities including X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound. Noninvasive vascular imaging will increase dramatically, replacing traditional angiography in many cases. New molecular imaging and therapeutic modalities are also being developed based on apoptosis, angiogenesis and imaging of growth receptors that are expressed in a large number of cancers. This will bring imaging modalities such as MRI, CT, PET and ultrasound closer together, increasing the sensitivity and specificity of diagnoses. Ultrasound contrast procedures will also become more productive, since clinicians and sonographers have implemented protocols that are simpler and more effective to use. There is also excellent likelihood that the approved indications for ultrasound contrast agents will be extended to perfusion imaging in the future. This technical influx will help all segments of the contrast media field and will stimulate more research and investment, adding strength and stability to newer venture companies as well as those more established in the field.


Marvin Burns is president of BIO-TECH SYSTEMS, Inc., founded in 1980 to perform market research for companies in the healthcare field. Burns specializes in market evaluation, where technological and scientific insight is important. The company has prepared numerous market research reports on diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, radiotherapy and immunotherapy products, brachytherapy, PET imaging, contrast agents, and interventional cardiology, which have been widely distributed. Burns has served as a consultant to many international firms and venture groups in strategic planning and development of new business opportunities. He has also been Technology Editor of Future Oncology, a publication widely circulated in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, reporting on new developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Burns is a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business Schoolís advanced management program. He has over 100 publications and 15 patents and invention disclosures. Prior to forming BIO-TECH SYSTEMS, he was employed by firms in life sciences, bioinstrumentation and medical imaging fields in general management, marketing and product development. He was also a hospital administrator in charge of professional and technical services including medical imaging, clinical laboratories, therapy services, and materials management.
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